1000+ Sentence Completion Questions for SSC CHSL Exam - 1

Question: 1

Due to _____ rainfall this year, they had to _____ cut in water supply.

(A) inadequate, impose

(B) sufficient, enforce

(C) regular, clamp

(D) heavy, regulate

Ans: A

inadequate, impose

Question: 2

Sasi _____ a bit _____ he was not invited by his friend to attend the party.

(A) grumbled, when

(B) surprised, about

(C) expressed, than

(D) angered, since

Ans: A

grumbled, when

Question: 3

In a changing and _____ unstructured business environment, creativity and innovation are being _____ demanded of executives.

(A) progressively, increasing

(B) increasing, moderately

(C) highly, extremely

(D) excessively, rapidly

Ans: A

progressively, increasing

Question: 4

The great scientist _____ himself with ability and moderation all _____ the conference.

(A) presented, though

(B) conducted, through

(C) disclosed, besides

(D) felt, about

Ans: B

conducted, through

Question: 5

Every nation has a certain _____ of hostility that seeks a socially acceptable _____

(A) experience, explanation

(B) ideology, demonstration

(C) concept, expression

(D) reservoir, outlet

Ans: D

reservoir, outlet

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