1000+ Sentence Improvement Questions for SSC CHSL Tier 1, Tier 2 Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Columbus invented America.

(A) discovered

(B) traced

(C) searched

(D) No improvement

Ans: A


Question: 2

I hope, you vividly remember the premiere of the film when I, my wife and you were present in the hall.

(A) my wife, you and I

(B) you, I and my wife

(C) my wife, I and you

(D) No improvement

Ans: D

No improvement

Question: 3

He has been receiving no other message than an urgent telegram asking him to rush his village immediately.

(A) asking him to rush to his village

(B) asking him to have rush his village

(C) asking him rushing at his village

(D) No correction required

Ans: A

asking him to rush to his village

Question: 4

Ever more than my father was she intolerant of demonstrativeness and the wearing of one’s heart on his sleeve.

(A) on one's sleeve

(B) on her sleeve

(C) on the sleeve

(D) No improvement

Ans: A

on one's sleeve

Question: 5

You ought not behave like that.

(A) ought not to behave

(B) ought to not behave

(C) ought not to have behaved

(D) No improvement

Ans: C

ought not to have behaved

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