Electromagnetism Multiple Choice Questions with Answers - 1

Question: 1

The phenomenon of producing an induced emf in a coil due to the change in current in the other coil is known as

(A) electrostatic induction

(B) static induction

(C) self induction

(D) mutual induction

Ans: D

mutual induction

Question: 2

The unit of inductive reactance is

(A) Ampere

(B) Mho

(C) Volt

(D) Ohm

Ans: D


Question: 3

The direction of eddy current is given by

(A) Ohm's law

(B) Lenz's law

(C) Generator rule

(D) Fleming's left hand rule

Ans: B

Lenz's law

Question: 4

_____ is defined as the number of magnetic lines of force crossing a closed area.

(A) Magnetic induction

(B) Mutual induction

(C) Magnetic flux

(D) Self induction

Ans: C

Magnetic flux

Question: 5

Lenz's law in accordance with the law of

(A) conservation of charges

(B) conservation of energy

(C) conservation of momentum

(D) conservation of flux

Ans: B

conservation of energy

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