Top 50+ Future Tense Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Be quick or we _____ for school.

(A) will not be late

(B) shall be late

(C) have been late

(D) is late

Ans: B

shall be late

Question: 2

I ______ to start a new life tomorrow.

(A) were going

(B) am going

(C) to be going

(D) shall go

Ans: B

am going

Question: 3

I’ll ask him what he ___ for lunch.

(A) will have

(B) should have

(C) would have

(D) are having

Ans: A

will have

Question: 4

______ you _____ at 6 tomorrow?

(A) are/sleeping

(B) will/be sleeping

(C) were sleeping

(D) will/sleep

Ans: B

will/be sleeping

Question: 5

They _____ dinner at this time tomorrow.

(A) will be having

(B) having had

(C) are having

(D) will have

Ans: A

will be having

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