TNPSC General Science Study Materials, Notes in English - 1

Question: 1

_____ microscope is used to study bacteria, virus and structure of crystals.

(A) X-ray

(B) Simple

(C) Optical

(D) Electron

Ans: D


Question: 2

_____ is the basis for the electron microscope?

(A) Particle nature of photon

(B) Particle nature of proton

(C) Wave nature of photon

(D) Wave nature of electron

Ans: D

Wave nature of electron

Question: 3

Einstein's mass energy relation is

(A) E = mc

(B) E = m/c2

(C) E = c2/m

(D) E = mc2

Ans: D

E = mc2

Question: 4

____ is used in burglar alarm and fire alarm.

(A) Photoelectric cell

(B) Lechlanche cell

(C) Dry cell

(D) Solar cell

Ans: A

Photoelectric cell

Question: 5

Identify the particle that has no rest mass.

(A) Electron

(B) Photon

(C) Proton

(D) Positron

Ans: B


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