Indian Politics Gk Online Test - 1

Question: 1

Who of the following Presidents of India was associated with trade Union Movement?

(A) Zakir Hussain

(B) K.R. Narayanan

(C) N. Sanjiva Reddy

(D) V.V. Giri

Ans: D

V.V. Giri

Question: 2

Parliamentary Supremacy is the definite feature of the political system in

(A) Australia

(B) UK

(C) India

(D) Canada

Ans: B


Question: 3

Survey of India is under the Ministry of

(A) Science and technology

(B) Home Affairs

(C) Environment and forests

(D) Defence

Ans: A

Science and technology

Question: 4

Who advises the Government of India on legal mattes?

(A) Chairman, Law Commission

(B) Chief justice of supreme court

(C) Attorney General

(D) None of these

Ans: C

Attorney General

Question: 5

Who is the highest civil servant of the Union Government?

(A) Principal Secretary of the P.M.

(B) Home Secretary

(C) Cabinet Secretary

(D) Attorney General

Ans: C

Cabinet Secretary

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