TNPSC Physics General Knowledge Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

The energy equivalent of mass defect is called _____ energy.

(A) atomic

(B) binding

(C) mass

(D) nuclear

Ans: B


Question: 2

Who discovered atomic nucleus?

(A) Neil Bohr

(B) Earnest Rutherford

(C) Thomson

(D) Prout

Ans: B

Earnest Rutherford

Question: 3

Isobars have

(A) different physical and chemical properties

(B) identical physical and chemical properties

(C) different physical properties and identical chemical properties

(D) identical physical properties and different chemical properties

Ans: A

different physical and chemical properties

Question: 4

The nuclear fusion reactions are known as

(A) heat reactions

(B) thermonuclear reactions

(C) radioactive reactions

(D) nuclear reactions

Ans: B

thermonuclear reactions

Question: 5

Electrostatic accelerators can accelerate particles upto a few

(A) giga electron volts

(B) kilo electron volts

(C) electron volts

(D) million electron volt

Ans: D

million electron volt

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