Question Tag Quiz, Multiple Choice Questions, Exercises, Worksheets - 1

Question: 1

Nothing can stop us now, ___?

(A) don’t it

(B) does it

(C) can it

(D) doesn’t it

Ans: C

can it

Question: 2

You don’t play the piano, _____?

(A) isn’t it

(B) don’t you

(C) doesn’t it

(D) do you

Ans: D

do you

Question: 3

There are so many people in the street, ___?

(A) isn’t there

(B) aren’t there

(C) aren’t they

(D) are there

Ans: B

aren’t there

Question: 4

There were many mistakes in your dictation, ___?

(A) weren’t they

(B) aren’t there

(C) weren’t there

(D) aren’t they

Ans: C

weren’t there

Question: 5

A sick man can’t go out, can he?

(A) Yes, he could

(B) No, he isn’t

(C) No, he can’t

(D) I didn’t know

Ans: C

No, he can’t

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