Vocabulary Words with Meaning, Synonyms and Antonyms Pdf - 1

Question: 1

He is in the habit of taking a causal leave quite often.

(A) Formal

(B) Regular

(C) Futile

(D) Systematic

Ans: A


Question: 2

Many people try to resist reforms in the society.

(A) Accept

(B) Fight

(C) Welcome

(D) Repel

Ans: C


Question: 3

The food served at the official dinner was very bland.

(A) Inedible

(B) Spicy

(C) Tasty

(D) Nutritious

Ans: C


Question: 4

It was an arduous task for me.

(A) Easy

(B) Time consuming

(C) Quick

(D) Difficult

Ans: A


Question: 5

He seems to have a propensity to fight.

(A) Skepticism

(B) Aversion

(C) Penchant

(D) Proclivity

Ans: B


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