Top 100+ Tag Questions Quiz with Answers - 1

Question: 1

There is a temple in this street, _____?

(A) Isn't there

(B) Isn't it

(C) Wasn't it

(D) Was she

Ans: A

Isn't there

Question: 2

Suganya cooks well, _____?

(A) Doesn't she

(B) Didn't she

(C) Does she

(D) Do she

Ans: A

Doesn't she

Question: 3

I look very exhausted, _____?

(A) Do I

(B) Did I

(C) Don't I

(D) Does I

Ans: C

Don't I

Question: 4

The children can swim, _____?

(A) Can they

(B) Can't they

(C) Will they

(D) Do they

Ans: B

Can't they

Question: 5

Your father is a mechanic, _____?

(A) Was he

(B) Is he

(C) Isn't he

(D) Does he

Ans: C

Isn't he

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