TNPSC General English Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

The English seaside _____ very popular lately.

(A) would get

(B) were getting

(C) has become

(D) becomes

Ans: C

has become

Question: 2

Look! The cat _____ your cutlet.

(A) has been eating

(B) had eaten

(C) is eating

(D) was eating

Ans: C

is eating

Question: 3

It’s the happiest evening I ever _____

(A) had had

(B) has had

(C) have had

(D) had

Ans: C

have had

Question: 4

The aims of the course _____ me willing to begin.

(A) make

(B) making

(C) is making

(D) were made

Ans: A


Question: 5

This year we _____ a good harvest of cotton.

(A) were growing

(B) are grown

(C) grown

(D) have grown

Ans: D

have grown

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