TRB Education Model Question Paper - 1

Question: 1

Two of the following states which Aurangzeb had conquered in Deccan, were

(A) Golconda and Ahmednagar

(B) Bijapur and Golconda

(C) Bidar and Bijapur

(D) Ahmednagar and Bijapur

Ans: B

Bijapur and Golconda

Question: 2

Who among the following ladies was a poetess?

(A) Roshanara

(B) Gulbadan Begum

(C) Asmat Begum

(D) Jahanara

Ans: D


Question: 3

At Mughal Begum whose name was written to all the mughal Firmans and inscribed on the coins, was

(A) Mariam Makani

(B) Mumtaz Mahal

(C) Nur Jahan

(D) Maham Anaga

Ans: C

Nur Jahan

Question: 4

Itimad-ud-Daula’s tomb at Agra was built by

(A) Shahjahan

(B) Nur Jahan

(C) Jahangir

(D) Akbar

Ans: B

Nur Jahan

Question: 5

Who among the following was the lowest in rank in the Maratha infantry?

(A) Hazari

(B) Zumaldar

(C) Hawaldar

(D) Nayak

Ans: D


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