PG TRB Botany Previous Year Question Papers with Answers - 4

Question: 16

The fungi which is appeared on the barks of the plants is

(A) coprophilus

(B) corticols

(C) sexicoles

(D) juphilus

Ans: B


Question: 17

Diabetes is caused due to the malfunctioning of

(A) spleen

(B) kidneys

(C) pancreas

(D) liver

Ans: C


Question: 18

Mother’s milk is preferred to cow’s milk because it contains

(A) less fats and less lipids

(B) more facts and more lipids

(C) more lipids and less fats

(D) more fats and less lipids

Ans: A

less fats and less lipids

Question: 19

The endocrine glands secrete

(A) sweat

(B) bile

(C) harmones

(D) genes

Ans: C


Question: 20

The virus of AIDS affects the growth of

(A) Heamoglobin

(B) RBCs in blood

(C) Grey cells in brain

(D) T cells in blood

Ans: D

T cells in blood

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