TRB Model Question Papers with Answer in History - 1

Question: 1

Which of the following are the hereditary Jagirs?

(A) Watan Jagirs

(B) Tankhwah Jagirs

(C) Tamgha Jagirs

(D) None of these

Ans: A

Watan Jagirs

Question: 2

Court language during Mughal period was

(A) Urdu

(B) Arabic

(C) Turki

(D) Persian

Ans: D


Question: 3

Which Fort ceded by Shivaji to the Mughals by the terms of the Treaty of Purandar (1665 AD) could not be won back by Shivaji?

(A) Lohagadh

(B) Purandhar

(C) Mahuli

(D) Shivneri

Ans: D


Question: 4

Who translated Ramayana into Persian in accordance with the wishes of Akbar?

(A) Abdul Rahim Khan Khana

(B) Abul Fazl

(C) Thomas Roe

(D) Faizi

Ans: C

Thomas Roe

Question: 5

Who led the Marathas at the third battle of Panipat?

(A) Sadashiva Rao Bhau

(B) Mahadji Sindhia

(C) Jaswant Rao Holkar

(D) Baji Rao II

Ans: A

Sadashiva Rao Bhau

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