TRB Polytechnic Lecturer Exam Question Paper for Physics - 1

Question: 1

Rocket operates (works) on the principle of

(A) Avogadro’s concept

(B) Bernoulli’s theorem

(C) Momentum conservation

(D) Energy conservation

Ans: C

Momentum conservation

Question: 2

The refractive index of glass depends on

(A) The size of the glass slab

(B) The angle of incidence

(C) The colour of the incident light

(D) The intensity of the incident light

Ans: A

The size of the glass slab

Question: 3

The unit of acceleration is

(A) ms-1

(B) ms-2

(C) ms-1

(D) m2S-1

Ans: B


Question: 4

Absolute zero is

(A) 0° C

(B) 100 K

(C) 273 K

(D) -273° C

Ans: D

-273° C

Question: 5

Electromagnet are based on the principle of

(A) magnetic effect of current

(B) chemical effect of current

(C) mechanical effect of current

(D) heating effect of current

Ans: A

magnetic effect of current

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