1000+ File System Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Access time is the highest in the case of

(A) magnetic disks

(B) swapping devices

(C) cache

(D) floppy disk

Ans: A

magnetic disks

Question: 2

How many number of minimal set of required file operations?

(A) four

(B) sive

(C) six

(D) seven

Ans: C


Question: 3

The file structure that redefines it, first record at a base of zero uses the term

(A) hashing

(B) dynamic reallocation

(C) key fielding

(D) relative organization

Ans: D

relative organization

Question: 4

The worst fit algorithm

(A) places a program in the smallest possible partition

(B) should never be used

(C) is used only when nothing better is available

(D) places a program in the largest available partition

Ans: D

places a program in the largest available partition

Question: 5

In a magnetic disk, data is recorded in a set of concentric tracks which are subdivided into

(A) groups

(B) periods

(C) zones

(D) sectors

Ans: D


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