Staroffice MCQ Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

____ Writer is a word processor.

(A) WordPro

(B) Ms Office

(C) Windows

(D) Star office

Ans: D

Star office

Question: 2

____ consists of several applications.

(A) Star Office Draw

(B) Star Office

(C) Star Office Calc

(D) Star Office Writer

Ans: B

Star Office

Question: 3

The selection shortcut used to select the entire document in Star Office Writer is ___

(A) Ctrl+ A

(B) Ctrl+ V

(C) Ctrl + C

(D) Ctrl+ R

Ans: A

Ctrl+ A

Question: 4

Star Office applications are grouped together into a/an ____ environment.

(A) Integrated

(B) Combined

(C) Forum

(D) Joint

Ans: A


Question: 5

The ___ key need not be pressed at the end of the each line.

(A) Enter

(B) F5

(C) Pause

(D) Escape

Ans: A


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