Computer Knowledge Quiz for Bank Exams - 1

Question: 1

Which of the following was associated with the development of C language

(A) Seymour paper

(B) Dennis M Ritchie

(C) Donald Knuth

(D) N.Wrath

Ans: B

Dennis M Ritchie

Question: 2

Charles Babbage, professor of Mathematics at Cambridge university, England planned and dreamt of many machines which he could not complete. One  Such machine was “Babbage’s Folly”.  What was the name of that machine?

(A) Mark-1

(B) Analytical Engine

(C) Differential Engine

(D) Difference Engine

Ans: B

Analytical Engine

Question: 3

Who proposed the stored program concept?

(A) Bill Gate

(B) John Von Neumann

(C) Charles Babbage

(D) T.J. Watson

Ans: B

John Von Neumann

Question: 4

The East coast companies are primarily associated with

(A) Data processing in large organizations

(B) The military

(C) The aerospace industry

(D) Both (a) and (b)

Ans: A

Data processing in large organizations

Question: 5

The first microprocessor built by the Intel corn was called

(A) 4004

(B) 8008

(C) 8080

(D) 8800

Ans: A


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