1000+ Synchronous Motors MCQ Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

A synchronous motor running with normal excitation adjust to load increases essentially by increase in

(A) back e.m.f

(B) torque angle

(C) power factor

(D) armature current

Ans: D

armature current

Question: 2

Power factor of a synchronous motor is unity when

(A) the armature current is maximum

(B) the armature current is zero

(C) the armature current is maximum

(D) none of the above

Ans: C

the armature current is maximum

Question: 3

The construction of a synchronous motor resembles

(A) an alternator

(B) a rotary converter

(C) an induction motor

(D) a series motor

Ans: A

an alternator

Question: 4

The angle between the rotor poles and stator poles in a synchronous motor is known as

(A) angle of retardation

(B) synchronizing angle

(C) torque angle

(D) power factor angle

Ans: C

torque angle

Question: 5

In a synchronous motor running with fixed excitation, when the load is increased three times, its torque angle becomes approximately

(A) one third

(B) twice

(C) thrice

(D) six times

Ans: C


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