1000+ Transformer MCQ Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

No load on a transformer is carried out to determine

(A) efficiency of the transformer

(B) magnetising current

(C) copper loss

(D) magnetising current and loss

Ans: D

magnetising current and loss

Question: 2

The power transformer is a constant

(A) main flux device

(B) power device

(C) current device

(D) voltage device

Ans: A

main flux device

Question: 3

Material used for construction of transformer core is usually

(A) silicon steel

(B) aluminium

(C) wood

(D) copper

Ans: A

silicon steel

Question: 4

The path of the magnetic flux in transformer should have

(A) low resistance

(B) high resistance

(C) low reactance

(D) high reluctance

Ans: C

low reactance

Question: 5

During short circuit test iron losses are negligible because

(A) full load current is not supplied to the transformer

(B) the voltage applied on primary side is low

(C) the voltage on secondary side does not vary

(D) the current on secondary side is negligible

Ans: B

the voltage applied on primary side is low

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