Top 1000+ Verbal Ability Idioms and Phrases Questions & Answers - 1

Question: 1

Face the music

(A) Listen to the music

(B) Feel sorry

(C) Get finished

(D) Get reprimanded

Ans: D

Get reprimanded

Question: 2

Play it safe

(A) Play for pleasure

(B) Avoid risks

(C) Play light games

(D) Play a game peacefully

Ans: B

Avoid risks

Question: 3

Back up

(A) Give moral support

(B) Pull back from

(C) Back-bencher

(D) Stay behind

Ans: A

Give moral support

Question: 4

Plain speaking

(A) Revealing the secret

(B) Spilling the beans

(C) Telling nonsense

(D) Telling the truth

Ans: D

Telling the truth

Question: 5

Be to the fore

(A) Be prominent

(B) To take the lead

(C) To the brim

(D) Pre-apprehension

Ans: A

Be prominent

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