100+ Physics MCQ Questions and Answers for NEET - 1

Question: 1

What are the advantages of dry cell?

They are

Its internal resistance is very low.

It is easily portable.

It is available in different sizes.

It is available with different voltages.

Question: 2

What are the different types of circuit?

The different types of circuit are

Open circuit

Closed circuit

Open circuit: When there is a break in the path it is called an open circuit.

Closed circuit: When there is no break in the path then it is called as close circuit.

Question: 3

What is the principle of loud speaker?

This is a device used to convert electrical energy into sound energy. The working of the loud speaker is based on the principle that when a coil carrying is kept in a mechanical field, it experiences a mechanical force.

Question: 4

Define 1 Watt hour?

If an electric circuit of power 1 watt consumes electricity for an hour, the total energy consumed is known as 1 watt hour.

Question: 5

State Fleming’s left had rule?

The thumb, forefinger and the middle finger of the left hand are held at right angles to each other.

If the forefinger points in the direction of the field and the middle finger in the direction of the current, then the thumb will point in the direction of motion of the conductor.

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