Multiple Choice Questions and Answers About Earth - 1

Question: 1

The Sun shines vertically on the Equator

(A) Once a year

(B) Twice a year

(C) For six months

(D) Throughout the year

Ans: B

Twice a year

Question: 2

The moon is called a satellite of the earth because

(A) It is much smaller than the earth

(B) It remains in position due to the gravitational pull of the earth

(C) It draws light from the sun via the earth

(D) It revolves round the earth

Ans: D

It revolves round the earth

Question: 3

What is the approximate equatorial circumference of the earth?

(A) 30,000 Km

(B) 35,000 Km

(C) 40,000 Km

(D) 45,000 Km

Ans: C

40,000 Km

Question: 4

The mean radius of the earth is approximately

(A) 3200 Km

(B) 6400 Km

(C) 9600 Km

(D) 12800 Km

Ans: B

6400 Km

Question: 5

What percentage of insolation is received by the earth’s surface?

(A) 47%

(B) 51%

(C) 66%

(D) 87%

Ans: B


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