World History Important Days, Dates, Years & Events - 1

Year(AD) Days
29 Crucifxation of Jesus Christ.
43 Roman conquest of Britain.
570 Birth of prophet Muhammad at Mecca.
622 Migration of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina (hijira), Beginning of Hijira Era (Muhammadan calendar) on July 15.
800 Charlemagne crowned Roman Emperor at St. Peter’s.
871 Accession of Alfred the Great to the thrones of Britain.
901 Death of King Alfred the Great.
1066 Battle of Hastings; Norman invasion of England. William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandly, defeated the English king Harold II at Hastings.
1215 Magna Carta or the Great Charter signed by King John II at Runnymede in England on June 15.
1280 Gunpowder invented by Roger Bacon.
1338 The Hundred Years War broke out; it lasted upto 1453.
1431 Joan of Arc, a brave French peasant girl, obtained victory over the English at Orleans. She was burnt alive at the stakes.
1443 The Black death i.e., plague broke out in England.
1453 The capture of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks compelled the Greek scholars to flee to Italy and other West European countries, where they spread the knowledge of Greek philosophy and literature. This was the beginning of Renaissance in Europe.
1486 Bartholomew Diaz rounded the cope of Good Hope.
1492 Columbus sailed on his first expedition to the West Indies which later led to the discovery of America (The New World).
1498 Vasco da Gama, a Portuguese, discovered the sea route to India via the Cape of Good Hope
1571 Beginning of reformation
1529 – 36 Reformation in England under Henry VIII.
1564 Birth of Shakespeare
1571 Battle of Lapanto; Turks defeated by the Christian League.
1577 Drake, the famous English Admiral; started his voyage round the world for the first time and phindered Spanish ships and ports in South America.
1588 Admiral Drake defeated the Spanish ‘Armada’; England became the ‘Mistress of the Seas’.
1600 Establishment of the British East India Company in India (31st December).
1605 Gunpowder plot in England to blow up the English parliament
1616 Shakespeare passes away
1649 Trial and execution of Charles I, beginning of Commonwealth
1649 – 60 The Commonwealth and the Protectorate in England.
1660 Restoration of monarchy in England.
1665 The great plague in London
1679 Habeas Corpus Act.
1688 The Glorious or Bloodless Revolution in England. Despotic rule of the Stuarts ended, and the Parliament rule began. Establishment of parliamentary supremacy and abolition of the Divine Rights of Kings.

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