100+ Gk Questions on Health and Hygiene - 1

Question: 1

Define cell?

Cell may be defined as the structural and functional unit of all living organism.

Question: 2

What are decomposers?

Micro organisms such as bacteria and fungi are called decomposers. They act on dead bodies of producers and consumers, break up complex materials into simple substances.

Question: 3

Describe the cell of amoeba?

Amoeba is made up of only one cell. All metabolic activities like digestion, respiration are carried out by the single cell itself. It is a unicellular organism.

Question: 4

What are the functions of tissues in plants?

They are

Dermal tissue - It performs the covering of the plant body.

Ground tissue - It provides mechanical support and stores food.

Vascular tissue - It conducts water and food materials.

Question: 5

How will you distinguish a male frog and female frog?

Male frog

Smaller in size.

A pair of vocal sacs present below the mouth.

Nuptial pad is present.

Female Frog

Bigger in size.

Vocal sacs are absent.

Nuptial pad is absent.

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