1000+ JEE Physics Chapter Wise Question Papers with Solutions Pdf - 1

Question: 1

The average power of an ac circuit is also called ____ of the circuit.

(A) resonant power

(B) rms power

(C) instantaneous power

(D) true power

Ans: D

true power

Question: 2

At resonance, the applied voltage is the potential drop across

(A) resistor

(B) inductor

(C) capacitor

(D) both a and b

Ans: A


Question: 3

The coefficient of mutual induction of two coils is numerically equal to _____ linked with one coil when unit current flows through the neighbouring coil.

(A) area

(B) self inductance

(C) power

(D) magnetic flux

Ans: D

magnetic flux

Question: 4

Copper loss can be minimised by using

(A) shell type of core

(B) thick wires with low resistance

(C) cores made of stelloy

(D) cores made of mumetal

Ans: B

thick wires with low resistance

Question: 5

Power loss can be minimised by transmitting power at

(A) low voltage

(B) high power

(C) high current

(D) high voltage

Ans: D

high voltage

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