Books and Authors 2019-2020 Pdf Download for Competitive Exams - 1

Question: 1

The development of which of the following administrative concepts could be attributed to German Sociologist Max Weber?

(A) Pluralism

(B) Bureaucracy

(C) Corporation

(D) Democracy

Ans: B


Question: 2

Who has written the book ‘Kashim Behind the Vale’?

(A) Lt. Gen. S.C. Sardeshpande

(B) Lt. Gen. Dipendra Singh

(C) Field Marshall SHFJ Manekshaw

(D) None of these

Ans: D

None of these

Question: 3

The book ‘It was Five Past Midnight’ is on

(A) Odisha Floods

(B) Bhuj Earthquake

(C) Andhra Cyclone

(D) Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Ans: D

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Question: 4

Who among the following has been awarded the UNESCO Guillermo Cono foundation World Press Freedom Prize?

(A) Christina Amyamure

(B) Jesus Blancorenelas

(C) Jugnu Mohsin

(D) Najam Sethi

Ans: D

Najam Sethi

Question: 5

Who is the author of the book “My Presidential Years”?

(A) R. Venkataramaer

(B) K.R. Narayanan

(C) S. Radhakrishnan

(D) VV. Giri

Ans: A

R. Venkataramaer

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