7000+ Tenses Exercise for Class 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 - 1

Question: 1

He _____ for his call since 4.20.

(A) were wait

(B) were writing

(C) are waiting

(D) have been waiting

Ans: D

have been waiting

Question: 2

It _____ since early morning.

(A) had rained

(B) has been raining

(C) is raining

(D) rained

Ans: B

has been raining

Question: 3

It started to rain while we _____ tennis.

(A) have play

(B) had played

(C) are playing

(D) were playing

Ans: D

were playing

Question: 4

She jumped off the bus while it ______,

(A) moved

(B) have move

(C) had moved

(D) was moving

Ans: D

was moving

Question: 5

The earth _____ round the sun.

(A) moving

(B) moved

(C) move

(D) moves

Ans: D


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