Top 50+ Present Tense Exercises with Answers - 1

Question: 1

We _____ already twenty words.

(A) are learning

(B) will learn

(C) have learned

(D) learned

Ans: C

have learned

Question: 2

The population of the world _____ very fast.

(A) is rising

(B) is risen

(C) rise

(D) rises

Ans: A

is rising

Question: 3

Sakthivel says he’s 25 years old, but nobody _____ him.

(A) is believing

(B) don’t believe

(C) doesn’t believe

(D) believes

Ans: D


Question: 4

She _____ at school since 1984.

(A) teach

(B) have taught

(C) has been teaching

(D) was teaching

Ans: C

has been teaching

Question: 5

Prasanna _____ a student of Cambridge University.

(A) were

(B) are

(C) is

(D) be

Ans: C


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