TNPSC Physics Online Test in Tamil and English - 1

Question: 1

Major share of electricity generated in India is through _____

(A) Gas turbine power plants

(B) Thermal power plants

(C) Nuclear power plants

(D) Hydro-electric plants

Ans: B

Thermal power plants

Question: 2

The energy produced at a cheaper cost is

(A) Wind energy

(B) Hydro electric energy

(C) Nuclear energy

(D) Solar energy

Ans: B

Hydro electric energy

Question: 3

The period of a vibrating body of frequency 100 Hz is

(A) 10 second

(B) 0.01 second

(C) 0.1 second

(D) 100 second

Ans: B

0.01 second

Question: 4

Boiling point of impure substance is usually

(A) Greater than that of pure substance

(B) Less than that of pure substance

(C) Equal to that of pure substance

(D) None of the above

Ans: A

Greater than that of pure substance

Question: 5

Reaction used in controlling acidity of stomach is

(A) Dehydration

(B) Reduction

(C) Oxidation

(D) Neutralization

Ans: D


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