TRB Old Question Papers for Chemistry - 1

Question: 1

Carbon dioxide turns lime water

(A) Green

(B) Milky

(C) Red

(D) Blue

Ans: B


Question: 2

Organic chemistry deals with

(A) Forest animals

(B) Compounds of carbon

(C) Nutrients and hygiene

(D) Celestial bodies

Ans: B

Compounds of carbon

Question: 3

The rate of chemical reaction generally

(A) Does not change with temperature

(B) Decreases with increase in temperature

(C) Increases with decrease in temperature

(D) Increases with increase in temperature

Ans: D

Increases with increase in temperature

Question: 4

Wine cointains


(B) C6H5OH


(D) C2H5OH

Ans: D


Question: 5

The percentage of oxygen present in human body is

(A) 18%

(B) 53%

(C) 65%

(D) 84%

Ans: C


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