PG TRB Botany Previous Year Question Papers with Answers - 5

Question: 21

Transfer of genetic information from one generation to the other is accomplished by



(C) transfer RNA

(D) messenger RNA

Ans: C

transfer RNA

Question: 22

Which of the following is an exception to cell theory?

(A) Lichens

(B) Fungi

(C) Bacteria

(D) Virus

Ans: A


Question: 23

In human body, the pancreas secretes its enzymes into which one of the following?

(A) Duodenum

(B) Ileum

(C) Stomach

(D) Jejunum

Ans: A


Question: 24

Mouth and foot diseases in cattle are caused by

(A) Virus

(B) Fungi

(C) Pennicillium

(D) Bacteria

Ans: A


Question: 25

The sea horse is an example of

(A) reptiles class

(B) fishes class

(C) mollusc class

(D) mammals class

Ans: B

fishes class

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