Top 150+ OOPS Quiz Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Almost every C program begins with the statement

(A) # include <stdio.h>

(B) Print f( )

(C) SCAN( )

(D) Main( )

Ans: A

# include <stdio.h>

Question: 2

The two operators && and || are

(A) Relational operators

(B) Equality operators

(C) Arithmetic operators

(D) Logical operators

Ans: D

Logical operators

Question: 3

A variable that holds the memory address of another object is called

(A) Memory variable

(B) Constant

(C) Pointer

(D) Integer

Ans: C


Question: 4

Enumeration is a

(A) Set of legal values possible for a variable

(B) List of operators

(C) List of strings

(D) Set of numbers

Ans: A

Set of legal values possible for a variable

Question: 5

In C, square brackets [ ] are used in

(A) Statements

(B) Functions

(C) Arrays

(D) Pointer

Ans: C


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