1000+ Digital Logic Families MCQs - 1

Question: 1

Which of the following semiconductor memory utilizes both p-n and N-p channel devices on the same substrata?


(B) Static MOS

(C) Dynamic MOS

(D) Bipolar

Ans: A


Question: 2

Digital systems are the systems which

(A) Manipulate Information

(B) Use analog signals

(C) Handle information in digital form internally

(D) Deal with digital information in the external world

Ans: C

Handle information in digital form internally

Question: 3

The maximum frequency at which digital data can be applied to gate is

(A) Charging time

(B) Binary level transaction period

(C) Propagation speed

(D) Operating speed

Ans: D

Operating speed

Question: 4

Generally, speed of operation of a logic gate is quoted in

(A) Micro seconds

(B) Nano seconds

(C) Milli seconds

(D) Seconds

Ans: B

Nano seconds

Question: 5

A Special type of computer memory chip offering high storage density with low power consumption is


(B) Charge coupled Device (CCD)



Ans: B

Charge coupled Device (CCD)

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