Inventions and Inventors (Discoveries) Quiz in Physics for TNPSC Pdf - 1

Discovery Scientist Year
Laws of motion Newton 1687
Law of electrostatic attraction Coulomb 1779
Atom John Dalton 1808
Photography (on metal) J. Neepse 1826
Law of Electric resistance G.S. Ohm 1827
Law of Floatation Archemedes 1827
Electromagnetic Induction Michael Faraday 1831
Photography (on paper) W. Fox Talbot 1835
Dynamite Alfred Nobel 1867
Periodic table Mandeleev 1888
X-Rays Roentgen 1895
Radioactivity Henry Becquerel 1896
Electron J.J. Thomson 1897
Radium Madam Curie 1898
Quantum theory Max Plank 1900
Wireless Telegram Marconi 1901
Diode Bulb Sir J.S. Fleming 1904
Photo electric effect Albert Einstein 1905
Principle of Relativity Albert Einstein 1905
Triode Bulb Lee de Forest 1906
Atomic Structure Neil Bohr and Rutherford 1913
Proton Rutherford 1919
Raman Effect C.V. Raman 1928
Neutron James Chadwick 1932
Nuclear Reactor Amico Fermi 1942
Law of electrolytics dissociation Faraday -
Thermionic emission Edison -

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