1000+ EEE MCQ Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Salient pole type alternators are generally used on

(A) high speed prime movers

(B) low voltage alternators

(C) low and medium speed prime movers

(D) hydrogen cooled prime movers

Ans: C

low and medium speed prime movers

Question: 2

Due to which of the following reasons, for air crafts alternators high frequencies is used?

(A) to free the systems from external disturbance

(B) to compensate for high altitudes

(C) to compensate for high speeds

(D) to reduce the bulk

Ans: D

to reduce the bulk

Question: 3

According to Kirchhoffs voltage law, the algebraic sum of all IR drops and e.m.fs. in any closed loop of a network is always

(A) positive

(B) a. negative

(C) zero

(D) determined by battery e.m.f.s

Ans: C


Question: 4

In an alternator the armature reaction is mainly influenced by

(A) total current drawn

(B) speed of the alternator

(C) the power factor of the load

(D) short circuit ratio

Ans: C

the power factor of the load

Question: 5

What is the largest size of alternator being manufactured in India?

(A) 110 MW

(B) 210 MW

(C) 250 MW

(D) 500 MW

Ans: D

500 MW

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