Furnace Technology MCQ Questons and Answers - 2

Question: 6

Which of the following is a rotary furnace?

(A) Annealing furnace

(B) Stoves

(C) Lime kiln

(D) Soaking pit

Ans: C

Lime kiln

Question: 7

Which is the most thermally efficient furnace?

(A) Boiler furnace

(B) Rotary kilns

(C) Reverberatory furnace

(D) Reheating furnace

Ans: A

Boiler furnace

Question: 8

Which of the following is a heat treatment furnace?

(A) Rotary kiln

(B) Reheating furnace

(C) Muffle furnace

(D) Annealing furnace

Ans: D

Annealing furnace

Question: 9

Pot furnace is either regenerative or recupterative and is used in the manufacture of

(A) Refractory bricks

(B) Potteries

(C) Glass

(D) Stainless steel

Ans: C


Question: 10

An example of periodic furnace is the

(A) Rotary kilns

(B) Coke ovens

(C) Blast furnace

(D) Blast furnace stoves

Ans: D

Blast furnace stoves

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