7000+ Electrical Engineering Previous Year Question Paper Pdf Download - 1

Question: 1

The type of load for which the voltage regulation of a transformer is negative is

(A) resistive

(B) inductive

(C) capacitive

(D) none of the above

Ans: C


Question: 2

_____ has a low relative permeability and is used principally in field frames when cost is of primary importance and extra weight is not objectionable.

(A) Cast steel

(B) Cast iron

(C) Soft steel

(D) Aluminium

Ans: B

Cast iron

Question: 3

A moving coil permanent magnet instrument can be used as flux meter

(A) by using a low resistance shunt

(B) by making control springs of large moment of inertia

(C) by eliminating the control springs

(D) by using a high series resistance

Ans: C

by eliminating the control springs

Question: 4

The bearings used to support the rotor shafts are generally

(A) ball bearings

(B) bush bearings

(C) magnetic bearings

(D) needle bearings

Ans; A

ball bearings

Question: 5

The expected useful life of an hydroelectric power station is around

(A) 15 years

(B) 45 years

(C) 100 years

(D) 150 years

Ans: C

100 years

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