7000+ Biotechnology MCQ with Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Hot spots of biodiversity area are with

(A) Little biodiversity

(B) Maximum conservation

(C) Maximum biodiversity

(D) Both a and c

Ans: C

Maximum biodiversity

Question: 2

Genetically engineered human insulin is manufactured by the use of

(A) Ashbya gosspii

(B) Pseudomonas

(C) Rhizopus

(D) E-coli

Ans: D


Question: 3

Scientist who crystallised virus for the first time

(A) Emerson

(B) W.M. Stanley

(C) Watson

(D) Waksman

Ans: B

Wendell Meredith Stanley

Question: 4

Edward Jenner is related with which of the following disease

(A) Small pox

(B) Rabies

(C) Typhus

(D) Paralysis

Ans: A

Small pox

Question: 5

Scientist who laid the foundation of bacteriology

(A) Edward Jenner

(B) Leeuwenhoek

(C) William Hervey

(D) Louis Pasteur

Ans: D

Louis Pasteur

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