TNPSC Degrees of Comparison Exercises for Class 10 with Answers - 1

Question: 1

Very few buildings in this street are _____ this one.

(A) as busy as

(B) more tall

(C) the tallest of

(D) as tall as

Ans D

as tall as

Question: 2

No other street in this area is _____ this one.

(A) most busy

(B) busier than

(C) the busiest

(D) as busy as

Ans: D

as busy as

Question: 3

This is _____ in this book.

(A) more long lesson

(B) the longest lesson

(C) as long lesson as

(D) longer lesson than

Ans: B

the longest lesson

Question: 4

Ravi is _____ than Ramesh.

(A) more tall

(B) taller

(C) the tallest

(D) as tall as

Ans: B


Question: 5

Gandhiji was one of _____ leaders.

(A) the greatest

(B) most great

(C) as great as

(D) greater than

Ans: A

the greatest

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