TNPSC Atomic and Nuclear Physics Quiz | Notes | Objective MCQ Questions - 1

Question: 1

X-rays can pass through

(A) Carbon

(B) Gold

(C) Lead

(D) Calcium

Ans: D


Question: 2

Which of the following is not electromagnetic in nature?

(A) UV rays

(B) Alpha rays

(C) Gamma rays

(D) Infrared rays

Ans: B

Alpha rays

Question: 3

Microwaves are not generated by

(A) Magnetron

(B) Klystron

(C) Coolidge tube

(D) Travelling wave tube

Ans: C

Coolidge tube

Question: 4

When a radioactive nucleus disintegrates by emitting a betta particle, its atomic number

(A) Decreases by one

(B) Decreases by two

(C) Increases by one

(D) Increases by two

Ans: C

Increases by one

Question: 5

___ rays are used in the treatment of skin disorders.

(A) Gamma rays

(B) UV rays

(C) IR rays

(D) X rays

Ans: B

UV rays

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