Top 100+ Biodiversity Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

What are pyrenoids?

In spirogyra the ribbon shaped chloroplast contains several species bodies called pyrenoids. These are considered to be store house of starch.

Question: 2

What are trichocysts?

In the body of paramecium, beneath the pellicle, there are small spindle shaped bags. These are called Trichocysts. These bags are filled with a gelatinous poisonous fluid. They act as organelles of defence.

Question: 3

What is a Zygospore?

The fusion of male and female gametes in spirogyra during conjugation results in a structure called Zygospore. This zygospore will develop into a new filament.

Question: 4

What are heterotrophic plants?

Plants which cannot synthesize their own food materials are called heterotrophs. (e.g.) fungus.

Question: 5

What are heterotrophs?

The non green plants and animals are not capable of preparing their food. They depend on other plants and animals for their food. They are called as heterotrophs.

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