100+ Physiography and Drainage Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Give a short note on Satpura mountains?

The Satpura mountains are found between the rivers Narmada and the Tapti. They run parallel to the Vindhya mountains and in the south of them.

The rock of these mountains are essentially those of the Deccan Lava Plateau.

This range is a fold mountainous chain formed during the historical times.

The term Satpura means Seven folds.

The Satpura mountains are very ancient fold mountains.

Question: 2

Write about the Western Coastal Plains?

The western coastal plains extend from Gujarat state in the north to Kerala in the south. It is primarily due to the Submergence of land that the western coastal plains are formed. Due to this the western coast is straight and the plains are narrow.

Question: 3

Write about the Eastern Coastal Plains?

The Eastern Coastal Plains extend from the Ganges delta to Kanyakumari. It is broader than the western coastal plains. In these plains is the alluvium deposit brought down by the rivers. There are also estuaries along the coastal plains.

Question: 4

Give a short note on the malwa plateau?

The Malwa Plateau is in the form of a small triangle. The Aravalli hills ranges are in the North West of this plateau.

The southern edge of the Malwa Plateau is the Vindhy Range.

Question: 5

Write a note on the deccan plateau?

The Deccan Plateau is the largest triangular plateau south of the Narmada valley.

At the broader part of the triangle are the Vindhya mountains and at the apex of the plateau is Kanyakumari.

The three sides of the plateau are covered with mountains: in the north the Satpuras, in the west the Western Ghats, in the east the Eastern Ghats.

This plateau slopes towards the east. Hence, the important rivers of the Deccan run east and join the Bay of Bengal.

In the Northeast of the plateau is the Chotta Nagpur Plateau.

The Deccan Plateau is also known as Lava Plateau.

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