List of Diseases Caused by Virus and their Symptoms - 1

Disease Name of Virus Symptoms
AIDS HIV Immune system of body became weak
Dengue fever Billions of virus Pain in eyes, muscles, heads and joints.
Polio Pilio viurs Fever, body pain, backbone and intestine cells are destroyed.
Influenza Mixo virus Suffocation, sneezing, restlessness.
Chicken pox Variola virus High fever, reddish eruption on body.
Small pox Varicella virus Light fever, eruption of bile on body.
Goitre - Difficulty in opening the mouth with fever.
Measles Morbeli virus Redish eruptions on body.
Trachoma - Reddish eyes, pain in eyes.
Hepatitis or Jaundice - Yellow urine, Eyes and skin become yellow.
Meningitis - High fever.
Herpes Herpes Swelling in skin.

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