Top 30+ Web Services Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Which class in .NET is used to install a Windows services?

The Service Installer class, also known as the project installer class, is used to install a windows service.

Question: 2

Write the file extension for a Web service?

A Web service file extension is .asmx file. For example, service1.asmx is a Web service file.

Question: 3

Which two methods are used to discover the URL of Web services?

The two methods to discover the URL of Web services are Web service discovery tool

(Disco.exe) and


Question: 4

What is DISCO?

DISCO is a technology developed by Microsoft to publish and discover Web services.

It discovers URLs of all XML Web services located on a Web server and creates a list of these Web services in a file called as a DISCO file.

Question: 5

Explain the WSDL?

WSDL is a short form for Web Services Description Language, which is used to describe a Web service in terms of the messages that it creates and accepts. The WSDL document is an XML file that contains the interface schema for the Web service. It identifies the methods that are used during the exchange between a Web Service consumer and a Web service provider. The following are the elements contained in the WSDL document:

Types – Describe the variations of data types that are used to exchange messages between the user and the provider

Message – Describes the actual message or method call

Port Type – Describes the set of operations and each related message

Binding – Describes the protocol details

Service – Used to make groups a set of related ports together

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