Oracle Core DBA Interview Questions Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Who owns the operating system files created by the utl_file package?

The operating system files generated by utl_file are owned by operating system user Oracle.

Question: 2

What do you understand by flashback feature of Oracle?

Flashback feature allows you to use a flashback version of the database, that is, you can query the database from a state in the past based on a specific System Change Number (SCN) or time in the past.

Question: 3

How can you communicate with operating system files from Oracle?

You can use the utl_file package to communicate with operating system files from PL/SQL code.

This package provides multiple functions to open, read, write and close the operating system files.

Question: 4

How can you create a user defined lock?

The dbms_lock package can be used to create user defined locks.

Question: 5

Does Oracle provide any package to deal with materialized views?

You can use the dbms_mview package to deal with materialized views. It is also called dbms_snapshot.

Some of the procedures provided by the dbms_mview packages are as given follows:

BEGIN_TABLE_REORGANIZATION – Performs a process to preserve materialized view data needed for refresh.

END_TABLE_REORGANIZATION – Ensures that the materialized view data for the master table is valid and that the master view or potential materialized view.

EXPLAIN_MVIEW – Explains what is possible with a materialized view or potential materialized views.

EXPLAIN_REWRITE – Explains why a query failed to rewrite

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