C-Sharp File Operations Interview Questions - 1

Question: 1

What is called stream in c#?

A Stream in C# is a path along which the data flows.

It has data Source and a data sink.

The Stream concept helps in building complex file processing operations.

The Stream class is the parent class of all file processing operations and it is an abstract class.

Question: 2

Give the two categories of file operations?

In C#, the operations on files can be classified under the following two categories:

File management operations of files and directories.

Stream oriented operations of files.

Question: 3

What is called binary reader and binary writer class?

A binary reader is a wrapper around a byte stream that handles the reading of binary data.

A binary writer is a wrapper around a byte stream that manages the writing of binary data.

Question: 4

Give the members of file mode enumerators?



Create New,


Open Or Create


Question: 5

Which namespace is used to perform the I/O operations in C#?

system.io namespace

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