100+ Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Dancer is related to Stage in the same way as Minister is related to

(A) Assembly

(B) Parliament

(C) State

(D) Pulpit

Ans: D

Second is the place for the first to perform on.

Question: 2

Mathematics is relayed to Numbers in the same way as History is related to

(A) Events

(B) Wars

(C) People

(D) Dates

Ans: A

Mathematics is the theory of numbers and History is the theory of past events.

Question: 3

Sugar is related to Molasses in the same way as Gasoline is related to

(A) Drill

(B) Petroleum

(C) Mine

(D) Quarry

Ans: B

First is obtained from the second.

Question: 4

Honey is related to Wax in the same way as Milk is related to

(A) Butter

(B) Cow

(C) Eggs

(D) Leather

Ans: D

Honey and wax are both obtained from the same organism i.e. bee.
Similarly, milk and leather both are obtained from buffalo.

Question: 5

Mouse is related to Cat in the same way as Fly is related to

(A) Spider

(B) Rat

(C) Animal

(D) Horse

Ans: A

Second feeds on the first.

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