100+ Blood Relation Questions and Answers for Bank Exams - 1

Question: 1

Raju to a girl in the photograph, Kamal’s said, “Her mother’s brother is the only son of my mother’s father.” How is the girl’s mother related Kamal?

(A) Aunt

(B) Grandmother

(C) Sister

(D) Mother

Ans: A

Only son of Kamal’s mother’s father- Kamal’s maternal uncle.
So, the girl’s maternal uncle is Kamal’s maternal uncle.
Thus, the girl’s mother is Kamal’s aunt.

Question: 2

Sudhakar told Anand, “Yesterday I defeated the only brother of the daughter of my grandmother.” Whom did Sudhakar defeat?

(A) Father-in-law

(B) Cousin

(C) Father

(D) Son

Ans: C

Daughter of grandmother – Aunt;
Aunt’s only brother – Father.

Question: 3

Prateep said, “This girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother.” Who is Prateep to the girl?

(A) Husband

(B) Father-in-law

(C) Grandfather

(D) Father

Ans: B

Mother’s grandson – Son;
Son’s wife – Daughter-in-law.

Question: 4

Arun introduces Rohan as the son of the only brother of his father’s wife. How is Rohan related to Arun?

(A) Brother

(B) Son-in-law

(C) Cousin

(D) Uncle

Ans: C

The relations may be analysed as follows:
Father’s wife – Mother;
Mother’s brother – Uncle;
Uncle’s son – Cousin.
So, Rohan is Arun’s cousin.

Question: 5

Pointing to a lady, a man said, “The son of her only brother is the brother of my wife.” How is the lady related to the man?

(A) Sister of father-in-law

(B) Mother-in-law

(C) Grandmother

(D) Mother’s sister

Ans: A

Brother of my wife – My brother-in-law;
Son of lady’s brother is the brother-in-law of the man.
So, lady’s brother is man’s father-in-law i.e., the lady is the sister of man’s father-in-law.

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