1000+ SSC CHSL Computer Questions Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Which of the following is responsible for coordinating various operations using timing signals?

(A) arithmetic logic unit

(B) input/output unit

(C) memory unit

(D) control unit

Ans: D

control unit

Question: 2

Which is a secondary memory device?

(A) floppy disk

(B) central processing unit

(C) arithmetic logic unit

(D) mouse

Ans: A

floppy disk

Question: 3

The flow and timing of data to and from the microprocessor is regulated by

(A) address pins

(B) control pins

(C) data pins

(D) power pins

Ans: B

control pins

Question: 4

A storage device used to compensate the differences in flow of data is called

(A) auxiliary storage

(B) buffer

(C) core memory

(D) main storage

Ans: B


Question: 5

In which addressing modes the contents of a register specified in the instructions are first decremented, and then these contents are used as the effective address of the operands?

(A) auto increment

(B) auto decrement

(C) index addressing

(D) indirect addressing

Ans: B

auto decrement

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